Saturday, September 05, 2009



I really should practise what I preach!

I always say that improvisation wins hands down over choreography... but ONLY if you know your music inside out.

I messed up tonight, in my eyes at least. The thing was- I just couldn't face dancing to song I use in Cairo but dancing them with CD instead of my band... so I chose 2 songs i didn't know... one I heard for 1st time on thursday night and the other (a tabla solo) I heard for 1st time this morning!!!!!!!!

I do not recommend it.!!! KNOW your music!

I was lucky- it was a fabulous crowd and in my home town.. but my nerves got the better of me.... i was a shaky leaf for most of my show (mind you- seemingly, I managed to hide it well, so people tell me- so tonight at least, I was a better actress than a dancer!) In fact- I felt I only relaxed when i got the audience to clap out rhythms for me at the end and danced to that- see how addicted to live music I am now- even if its only handclapping it's way better than CD !!!!

You should never do THIS either- hanging your dirty washing out in public as it were....... Again ; Do as I say , not as I do!

i always tell students- that even if they hated their own show that if someone compliments them just smile and say thank you... even if you don't agree with their verdict!

however- its always good to learn........ even if from other's mistakes!

KNOW your music inside out before you perform to it!!!

That being said......... The halfa was a huge success. We were full to bursting- not enough seats for everyone (Thanks guys to being so understanding those of you who ended up sitting on the floor!).

The venue is STUNNING! a lovely stage ( unfortunatly with carpet- but also with full lighting rig and proper sounds system). I strongly recoemmend Voodoo Rooms as a venue for anyone holding any sort of party/show in Edinburgh!

Lots of money was raised for the 'Just Because' charity (although how much exactly i am not sure until all the ticket sales, raffle money and souk sales have been counted!!!)

If any one took photos tonight- let me see!!!! If anyone filmed my dance if THINK i want to see that too! In fact I came up with a good idea. there is always a quandry about whether to allow people to video or not. My conclusion tonight was to say- feel free to film a dancer perform- but only if you are prepared to give her a copy of it too!

Awaiting videos............!!!!

Thanks to EVERYONE who made tonight one of the best hafla people had been to in ages (at least thats what was being said within my earshot!!!!)

Tomorrow- Workshops and the surprise for those who have booked already- there's a live drummer ( as opposed to a dead one?!? ) coming to help us out in the workshops!!!

How do I feel? Happy to have seen so many old friends. Sad i felt I didn't give them my best, although they got everything I had to give at that time... relieved some of them still really enjoyed my dance..... and severely told off (by myself). Lesson learned.

ok- now I have just re-read all that and need to find the positive before I can sleep.

  • Within only a couple of weeks we sold enough tickets to fill a fun halfa to overflowing
  • We raised a lot of money for charity
  • Everyone seemed to have fun
  • i saw lots of fabulous dancers- some of whom I haven't ever seen perform before and some I haven't seen for a while! Scotland has talent!
  • Live drumming during the evening kept my soul awake.
  • I saw lots and lots of friends

Hmmmm- ok- it was a good night- but I need to find more positives about me, where is the Cairo Diva- I need to find her................

  • My new costumes looked and felt great and stayed on (Thanks Eman Zaki!)
  • I got enough applause at the end to be able to get them to clap out rhythms!
  • A drummer in the audience said he was kicking himself because he didn't get his tabla out at that point in the show and take the opportunity to play for me
  • I did shimmys on the raised stage that people, who were sitting on the floor in front of the stage could feel through the floorboards!!!
  • Some people actually thought my new hair piece was real.... credit is due here to my hairdresser today- and to me for still having the bravery to flip my hair back during my 1st show (pussycat dolls style- aka Asmahan style!!!)
  • I did my make-up well, considering I left my false lashes in Cairo
  • I LOOKED confident, in control and in time with the music- despite how I felt
  • I LOOKED like I was having fun and totally relaxed. ( and in the very end I did!)
  • I combated my nerves and won ( although it took time) . One friend said I really did look like a 'star'- it's great to have good friends!!!
OK- so maybe I wasn't so bad....... most of these things take some degree of skill..... OK- I forgive myself- but I will PREPARE next time ( even if its just to KNOW my music better!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Night night all. You'll be relieved to know I have finished my blog therapy now! Thank you for sticking with me by reading all the way through to this point!


prince of silence said...

I like your blog !

TheDancingArchaeologist said...

Hey Lorna!

I think you are being uneccesarily hard on yourself - I didn't notice anything except fantastically strong technique and hugely confident stage presence. If that was you on an off night..? Wow!

Unfortunately, this was the one time I didn't take a video, sorry. I bet that you were the only one finding fault though!

It was a great night, and the first time I've seen some of the girls from the Cairo trip since... 2005? Yikes.

On the subject of hair and costumes - which were gorgeous - I didn't rememeber your hair being as long the other week!

Also, I tried on your black costume in the souk (with the big jewels) - it wasn't quite the right fit cup-wise, and I absolutely don't have the money for costumes at the moment, but it's beautiful! For future reference, what kind is it?

Hope the workshops are go well,

unknown said...

what a shame you weren't happy. You were dazzling, breathtaking, beautiful, you looked utterly confident, radiant - I was captivated and, like I've seen before, there was *magic* in your hips. Wow. So chuffed to have been there with you! E x

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

Thank you so much Elsepth and Kim for your lovely comments...

I am glad everyone had a good night and feeling better about myself after the workshops- which if I say so myself- went really well!