Sunday, September 06, 2009


Thank god for Adam!

I was dreading my workshops yesterday .. having had my crisis of confidence from the night before... but then I got to the workshops yesterday and a scottish tabla player, Adam, turned up to drum for me and suddenly with the rhythm reawakened all I love in the dance and I taught, if I say so myself, a couple of REALLY good workshops! We took only a few different basic move combos tbut then explored LOTS of different ways to adapt or change emphasis within them to suit different moods or music. I had so much fun and felt really creatively inspired! (my hamstrings were cramping by later on that night though due to some randa moves I had been teaching- must remember to stretch better in London!!!) The feedback was fantastic and the really test for how well it went was that everyone felt the time just rushed past far too quickly!!!

One of the girls who had been in the workshop was performing that night in a restaurant in Glasgow and she sent me a message saying how much her dancing had been inspired by what we had done and that everyone loved her. So happy!

See- I moan about my failures on this blog- but also about the successes too!!!!

Next on the hit list- London- I am SO going to KNOW my music inside out by then!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait! Really looking forward to teaching too- I forget how much I love it.!!

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