Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Voodoo rooms Edinburgh hafla

.....since putting up the photos from London- the Edinburgh photographers have started suppling their pics of our hafla up here now too from the weekend before!

This one I love because my hair looks great in it!!! ....

here's another fabulous shot by my friend Violet Shears .... she's a talented photographer!

And a little Scotland 'v' Egypt story. I had a cup of tea this morning with my mother is a teashop (cafe) in Edinburgh. The shop was called 'Loopy Lornas' .... guess why we decided we had to try it out!!!! Anyway- the point is this - it was fairly busy... and ALL the customers were women. Not one man there AT ALL. Now, western readers, you might say 'so what?' However.... In Egypt... it is very rare to see ANY women in a cafe- it's ALL men !!! Just another observation about our vastly different cultures ( oh- and I went to dentist this morning- she's a woman- thats also rare in Egypt- female dentists I mean- not women- there are a lot of women in Egypot although granted you don't see a lot of them out and about!!!!!) .

Oh and another thing- I LOVE charity shops!!!! THAT is another thing about UK I miss when I am in Egypt! I bought lots of lovely things today for very little and feel good about the spending cos it all goes to worthy causes!!!


-_- said...

first time to see a belle dancer`s blog ..

Bassem said...

hi Lorna.. gr8 blog u have here..
i'm an egyptian living in the US and love following how foreigners see Egypt especially since i haven't been there for some time (siwa and alexandria photos really made my day)..
I realize westerners don't have the degrading stigma egyptians still have about bellydancing since professional dancers traditionally also doubled as concubines or even sex workers. But I sometimes wonder if self respecting western dancers want to do away with that stigma why stick to the traditional skimpy outfits.. if you want the viewers to focus on ur art form and facial expressions why distact them with bare female assets.. would the club owners and customers drop the dancer if she made that choice?
Regards.. Bassem

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

Sharm- glad you like the blog!

Bassem- Thanks for your comments on the blog too... in answer to your question- yes. Club and restaurant owners make very vocal their opinions re what the dancers costumes should be like... The costumes used are designed to emphasis the movements... so no- I don't see that changing.

Mind you- something to think about- going out on a normal night out in UK or even in the states usually involves a lot more bare flesh on show that the majority of dancers would ever consider!

Bassem said...

Lorna.. I hear u.. i remember an old football world cup where Brazilian fans were dancing in bikinis while the male fans around them focused on the game, the next day in my high school we were wondering if all foreign men were impotent :)
Jokes aside.. i think the main problem is police in egypt putting 98% of their focus on political and national security and 2% for everything else and a lack of trust with the public hence women r less likely to bother dealing with police if they don't have to (like when ur phone was stolen).. men in any country, knowing they can get away with this, will take advantage.. we really aren't any hornier, less moral or even as macho as we pretend to be