Thursday, September 24, 2009

Back 'home'

At what point does the place you have gone away to live become home? this point I guess! previous trips to UK people have always asked- 'so when are you going back to Cairo' or 'when are you coming back home again? (to UK) '. This time- EVERYONE said, seemingly without thinking, because most people picked themselves up on it immediately after saying it... ' when are you going home? (meaning Cairo)'. I guess 3 and a half years does count as 'home' now.

So- I'm home.

eventually landed in Cairo after a 2 hour wait on Heathrow runway ( I had fallen asleep as soon as I got on the plane and woke after an hour excited to see we had landed already and I had slept the whole way to Cairo , only to discover there was some sort of problem with the plane, always reassuring, and that we had never taken off- was incredably disappointed as you can imagine!). Oh and BMI charged me 15 pounds for every kg i was over the 20kg limit. What good is 20kg to anyone ( KLM lets you take 2x 23kg bags plus hand luggage on the plane!!!) So my ticket cost 105 pounds more than it should have and they then wanted me to BUY my cup of tea on the plane- to hell with that! Wish to god my return flight with them at christmas wasn't already booked!!!!!!!!!!! Certainly won't chose that airline again!

Anyway, RELAX (speaking to myself there!).

Was working last night. Wore my new costumes from Eman; a fabulous black pharonic style one, my gold and turquoise one i wore in UK this trip, and a Mauve velvet one with purple flowers on it. All very chic! Was good to be back, although my body always struggles on my 1st day back after a holiday- i give it a month break and then expect it to do everything it was doing before- yes there were some strong complaints from some muscles! Lovely audiences though.... and I put some new stuff into my tabla solo that surprised me too. i LOVE my job!

Suppose I better go and unpack that 105 pounds worth of suitcase now!


Haitham Saad said...

Welcome Back Home :)

A Daft Scots Lass said...

That is a pet-hate of mine when I speak to expats from the Uk that have been gone for 30 years and they still call it "HOME".