Wednesday, April 29, 2009


well- work has been interesting , as always, then last few days.

Sunday I ended up performing on both boats... doing one show on the Golden Pharoah, then taking the launch boat, with all my band (007 style- bobbing about in the dark on the Nile with the police boats coming by every so often to check why we are there!), to the Nile Pharoah to do a show there, then dock, and run over to Golden again to do 2 shows. It was fun... or at least- it would have been had I not had a spliting headache due to toothache!!!!!!!!! Fastest night ever.

Monday night a couple of my friends came to see me...which is always nice... but I have never had such a flat audience. They were watching, and interested and smiling- but hardly anyone clapped! Was really hard as a performer to keep going when the energy in the room was so low- had to work hard to keep myself motivated! Thankfully there were a couple of guys there from Scotland.... and they were appreciative- especially once they know i was a Scot too! The look of suprise on their faces when i said where I was from was fantastic!!! My friends comment was that i was dancing even more 'Egyptian' than usual. In a good way!

Tuesday night, last night, I was in pain!!!! The skin between my toes on Both feet split- at the same time- on the 1st spin on my 1st dance.... OUCH ! I am professional, and I can dance through pain.... but forgive me if you were at that show and the smile seemed a little less enthusiastic than usual!!! I went home straight after to soak them and apply savlon (thank god I brought some with me from UK!) . Its my own fault. I guess having so much time off while I was in Uk made me forget that i really have to make an effort to look after my feet when i am dancing bare foot night after night on fairly rough wooden floors.... lesson learned!!!!

I was teaching today, making up a choreography to 'Asena', for an Egyptian student who is hoping to perform in 2 weeks time. She is lovely and inspires me to come up with new things for her. I love choreographing for others- I just hate it for myself!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess I better go stretch...... something else I forget I really should be doing everyday!!! Tonight I have a different group of friends coming to see me....... looking forward to it- hope the feet hold together!!!


Emilio said...

Good Bloog my friend!! Congratulations!!

good luck!! See you!

Laurinha said...

Hi Lorna; hope your feet have recovered...
I so wish you would choreograph for me, as I am lousy at impro ^_^

Love, Laura