Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Paperwork and Performance.

Yesterday i performing on 3 sails. The 1st one was a entire group from Britain, all over 60. They were on a month long cruise- it sounded amazing. What a sweet audience too.
The next show I had fun with the various kids ( some Egyptian, some foreign) and in particular I completely changed my drum solo. I warned the tabla player to stick with me because i was going to do new things... and he did. He was a star. I really enjoyed it too. Afterwards, the musicans wanted to know where the new ideas had come from- who I had seen doing these things... They just couldn't believe I had made it up myself, They were sure I'd taken someones idea from the festival or something! I think that is a good sign.... I think....hmmmm
Last sail was mainly arabs... and they took a long time to warm up... but eventually just as I was finishing the show they came to life... I dream of a venue where I can do an entire show 45min-1hr, instead of being limited by the boats sailing schedule to 2xsets of 15mins each!

Today I had to go to the Mogamma. Even though I am legally allowed to work here in Cairo, each time I leave the country my papers have to be renewed, and they take my passport away from me for the duration of my stay each time. For some reason, when they give me back my passport it doesn't say I have been here legally all this time- so each time I go tot the airport at the end of my trip i have to go off to the police office and pay a fine. It actaully works out as the smae price, but is so embarrassing at the airport- so today I went to extend the tourist visa before they take my passport away!!!!

As I left the Mogamma ( the government offices) I saw 7 Phillipeno ladies walking in... nothing unusal, except that they were all handcuffed together and escorted by numerous police. I guess thats what happens if you outstay your welcome??????? Felt for them.

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