Thursday, April 16, 2009

now THATS more like it!

ok- Last night I was paid a compliment that really felt like a compliment!

The tannoura, Sayed Amar, who was performing last night in between my sets said to me (translated) that he was ' always very happy when I was working with him because i put the audience in a good mood' he said 'sometimes with other dancers its as though the audience is all asleep and he has the job to wake them up, but after they have seen me they are all happy and ready to party!'

how sweet was that? The way he said it- I really felt appreciated .... Nice. Especially nice when its from your work colleague who sees dancing every day for however many years he's been doing his turn ( excuse the pun!!! :-) )

Off to Dahab in a happy mood.... soak up some sun and looking forward to performing back on the Nile again on monday night!

( ps- in case some people reading this don't know- Tannoura is the Egyptian name for a 'Whirling Dervish' )

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