Monday, April 13, 2009

Good to be back

The sun is shining.

It's up to 35 deg during the way but doesn't go below 20 at night.

It really is the way to live!!!!!!!!

Work is great too. I have worked each night since I got back ( and will be performing on the Nile Pharoah tonight 13th, tues 14th and wed 15th this week too).

I knew when I was in UK that I was missing my band... but oh my god... it SOOOOO good to be dancing to live music again. I feel alive! All the staff were really lovely too, all saying how much they missed me etc etc. all good. I had people complimenting my dance that hadn't before too- I think maybe because I put some of the 'vintage' technique that I was teaching in the Joy festival... it reminds people of the great golden days of the dance!

Only down side of working is that I'll miss the opening gala of the Nile group festival which is today... ah well- to be honest- I'd rather be doing that watching anyway!!!!!!!

Off to costume shop now.... happy.

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