Thursday, November 29, 2007

Workshop with Zeina. 23/11/07

I loved the last workshops I had done with Zeina so was excited about this workshop. I wasn't disappointed.

Her teaching skills really so far have been second to none I have found. I just love the way she teaches nothing but combos, without asking you to memorise them, but over and over, so when they 'appear' in the choreography they feel so natural as though you would have danced that move in that way even if she hadn't taught it. She taught a baladi oriental routine… i.e. baladi music and dance designer for a solo stage performer. I didn't much like the idea of doing a choreography to a style of music I feel should always be improvised- but it worked… and since then I have already added bits and ideas from her routine into my own show, which I guess is the sign of a successful workshop!

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