Monday, November 26, 2007

still hectic!!!!

This week I have had workshops with Ahmed Refaat, Zeina, Olfat Hassan, Nour and Aida Nour.

Tonight, after work, I went to the closing ceremony of the Nile Group festval where Liza, Hanadi and Fatima performed.

Tomorrow I am performing lunch and evening sails- which means no time to write up anything now- so you'll just have to watch this space for a couple of days if you want to read my critique of all that has been going on! Unfortunalty I forgot to take my camera to any of the events- so I'll just have to describe things to you!!!

Oh- and tonight, on stage at work , I landed on my backside. mid song, no reason I could see, my legs just gave out under me and I was on the ground. How embarrasing!!!! sitting , on my bum, on the middle of my dance floor! At first I thought it was just my pride that was injured, but by the time I made it to the changing room I was in serious pain in my back. My band knew something was up when i refused to do a drum solo and hurried them up to finish for me (usually I am the one complaining if there isn't enough time to fit in the solo!!!) Yet another benefit of having a live band than a CD!!! Lets hope the ibuprofen kicks in before tomorrow lunch sail! Seemingly the tannoura (whirling dervish) fell tonight too- so maybe something was up with the stage or something- thats not a usual occurance!!!

I mentioned to a friend tonight at the festival what had happened and she said she could top that. She had fallen on stage- well, slipped actually, and landed in the middle of a drum kit, which crashed about her ears- talk about going out with a bang! She made me feel better!

Ah well- at least I didn't have the costume mishaps that Hanadi and Fatima had tonight.................... you'll have to wait to hear more!!!!!!!

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