Thursday, November 29, 2007

Workshop with Olfat Hassan. 24/11/07

Me and morning workshops……. Hmmmmmm. 20 mins late for this one. But I rushed in and caught up and was really proud and scared when Olfat pulled me through to the front of the class after 10 minutes to demonstrate!!! I guess it was because I loved the music but I really enjoyed putting lots of feeling and attitude in to the dance and I guessed that’s why she picked on me. The when she found I could speak Arabic – that was it. All classes supposedly directed to the entire class were said to me. I got embarrassed and tried to hide off to one side. She even gave a prize to the 2 best dancers in the class- me and another girl. As much as I didn't approve of this method of teaching- I did really enjoy both the choreographies with her and the 1st which was an eskandarani piece of music would have been wonderful for a private class- so I think I will go get some lessons with her. She was a dancer for the Reda troupe and has performed and worked all over the world. I liked how she gave space in the dance for you to show emotion and she encouraged that. I felt sorry for her cos the air con wasn't working, then was too string etc etc then the music would work, then it wouldn't. She lost a lot of people from the class simply die to technical hitches.

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