Friday, November 09, 2007

Leaving Cairo

…. But just for 10 days!

Of all the numerous times I have flown out of Cairo, this is undoubtedly the hardest. Why? Not sure, maybe I am frightened to leave behind friends, or the sunshine (yes- for sure I'll miss the sunshine!!!) or maybe its because I have only been in Cairo for a month since Eid, and to return to UK now seems like the end of a holiday rather than a visit home. Anyway- it feels weird. The idea of returning to frost, and dancing to CD instead of my band, or maybe its just because I am writing this at 8 am in the morning as the flight is boarding and I just want to go back to bed! Hmmm – Cairo has spoilt me in so many ways!!!

Another thing I am sad about is that I'll have more costumes to sell this trip……… I do grow emotionally attached to my costumes. I have an appalling memory and seeing certain costumes brings back memories of specific parties/ events where I have performed in them. So to have to sell them off, in order to pay my growing debt to my costume designer for the new ones, is hard! Half of me hopes that they don’t sell!!!

Not to say I am not excited too about the upcoming events. Birmingham will be fun- the girls I taught there last year were lovely so looking fwd to seeing them again. It goes without saying that I am excited about seeing my nephew, Sam, again… and all the other kids who are part of my life now.

And tonight I'll be dancing in Morocco restaurant to help them celebrate their 5th birthday! 5 years of Walima- how time flies!!! It'll be Maya's 5th birthday too- I think she is coming along to the restaurant so it'll be a double celebration!

Anyway- queue for boarding is getting pretty short now- so I better go tag on the end of it……

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