Sunday, June 16, 2013

Tourism and Teacher -Cruise part 7

Waking up in a completely different place than the one you went to sleep in is a wonderfully addictive feeling. To wake up not only thinking, what will i do today, but also where are we...? It’s fun!
‘Today’ we were in Iraklion, Crete.

And today was my first day as a proper solo tourist. It was good to get out and take lots of photos. it is have a look at Lorna's holiday snaps time........... 

(I especially like this shot with the fort and harbour in the foreground and the MS Noordam in the distance!) 

Strange to walk into a church and see locals walk in with their short sleeve on and kiss and the icons, light a candle and leave. 

(Sorry this one is fuzzy, but I was trying to take the photo without people realising I was shooting them mid prayer!)

Me playing with my Zoom... Jesus ( I presume it is he) not looking too happy up in the centre of the high ceiling!

Amazingly beautiful detailed ceilings. They reminded me of the coptic churches I have been in in Cairo.

So very different from the experiences when I have been a tourist, visting ancient mosques!
Can anyone explain to me what the point of the metal discs with body parts on them that were hanging from some of the icons in the cathedral?

Of course I had to try the local temptations... This is an orgasm in a tub... (not their name for it- but definitely mine!)

And after taking this opportunistic shot... which I am rather proud of...

of course I also got caught by charlie chaplin himself for a photo... as one does. Not exactly sure what the link is between Mr bendy legs himself and Crete. But it was entertaining! Especially when he tried to get 10Euros out of me for having a photo with him! I did actually laugh out loud in his face.

I felt a little sorry for this next chap. Imagine being so important in the history of your country that they made a huge statue of your face, so that pigeons can deface it for centuries. So kind...

Really enjoyed my day. More than I thought I would. I am not good at being on my own, but actually, there were moments that I actually enjoyed it, just sitting taking in the peace and beauty, and greenery!

What was funny though was being a complete tourist in a new place, wandering on your own and hearing (about 5 times that day) ‘Look.... its the bellydancer....’ and ‘hi teacher!’. Everywhere of course was full of guests from our ship. I felt like a celeb!

Then, at night, I went to the show ‘dancing with the stars’ where guests were actually competing in ballroom dance on the huge stage. That was fun... and I got chatting with some of the guests afterwards, in the dining room, one of whom actually said that he had been so impressed by my show that that is what had encouraged him to dance with way he did. He said that I looked so happy on stage that he knew that as long as he kept smiling he too could make people enjoy his show too. How sweet is that?!!! It was nice to feel appreciated, and useful! 

so... I admit it. I do like this cruising thing......well... it has it's moments anyway!

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Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

I received this email which answers some of the questions I posed in this blog entry- so i thought i would share it here so we can all learn from it! Thanks Maria for your feedback!!!

Hey girl !
Happy to see you in Crete my homeland.
Answering your question about the golden body parts in greek church
We have a greek ordodox tradition that we call it TAMA
This means that if someone is sick from family we do a TAMA, which means we pray for the specific person (or us) to be well.
When well (or even in the timing for getting well) we do a golden, or silver (depending the money people have) plate with the
specific body part that had a problem.
You can see this in all greek churches, but the most important for this, is at Tinos island, and at 15 August (its the day of the death of Madonna, celebrated in Greece more than Christmas or Easter) you can see milions of people going and doing their TAMA.

About the photo of the statue with the pigeons (shit lol) on it.
Its Dominikos Theotokopoulos, born and raised at Crete, and then moved to Spain, where he became the most
known painter and known worldwide with the name "EL GRECO"
Wishing you good continuation to your trip and all the best.
Always happy to read your adventures

Maria Aya, Athens