Monday, June 17, 2013

Getting Engaged on the Golden Pharaoh boat, Cairo

Often at the Pharaoh's we have people coming in to celebrate their weddings and engagements. One couple the lovely Loura and Hany, recently became engaged there and had a lovely photographer with them, Fady Nada. They have shared these photos with me that he took at their event- I thought you'd like to see them too! I wish more people would share their images and videos- almost all couples who celebrate at the boat have a professional photographer with them. I need to get better at taking the photographers card so I can get copies!

His facebook page is   and I would recommend him- he was fun and professional.

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Jasmine Rose said...

Wow the Greek photos! Athens is one of my favourite cities, love Greek blues/jazz, rebeb I think it's called, and the clubs have great vibe too.