Saturday, June 15, 2013

Rock and Roll and Resolutions. Cruise part6

After the MS Noordam sailed away from Alexandria, I forgot completely that we had had to change our clocks so it was by complete chance that I woke up that next morning with only about 10 minutes to get to teach my class! A rocky start to a rocky day.

I had not been aware at all of the movement of the ship up until that day. It is very interesting trying to teach dance when the ground is literally moving about underneath you. My balance was seriously challenged. I spoke with many of the guests who were repeat cruise attendees and who were telling me all sorts of stories about the sizes of the waves at sea and it made me realise I should feel grateful that actually the Noordam was an exceptionally smooth sail! Still, despite feeling grateful, it is a very strange feeling trying to rock your hips from side to side when the ship is rocking you front and back at the same time. Really enjoyed teaching though. It's lovely to see how many of the ladies keep coming back over and over again. I love the giggling and female comradery in every class. I have to try and do more teaching. it always makes me feel good!

Other than teaching two classes on that day at sea I also went to see their stage show Droom. I couldn’t get over the professional quality of the shows on board the ship. Amazing costumes and sets. Breathtaking dancing and singing. And this was on the stage I had done my show on while we were in Alexandria...!

(photo taken from google! not mine!)

(My photo- which isn't exactly clear, sorry, but gives you an idea of the colour and spectacle that we were treated to!)

During my trip I also managed to the Gym I think 3 or 4 times. Each time I went, I wished I had done more though. How can you be a dancer, yet feel so unfit. It is scary how I can dance for literally hours and hours without even stopping, yet put me on a treadmill and I am out of breath and deep purple! The body really is an amazing thing. I must try to cross train more often though. It can only be good for my body and for my dance!
(photo taken from google! not mine- since I was too busy working hard in the gym to think to take a photo- honest!)

 Many of the guests on board took evening strolls (or speed walks!) around the decks and by the end I was doing what many of the repeat cruisers were doing which was using the stairs constantly rather than the lifts. It was 150 steps from my cabin floor to the dining area. I figured if I climbed that rather than use the lift I could eat an extra homemade cookie with my ice cream! I still managed to put on 3 kilos in my 12 day trip. That shows you how good the food on board was! Mind you... perhaps it was my choice of food...

 (you couldn't just try one could you? well, I couldn't!)

 (I cannot begin to tell you how good the food was.......... I suspect the photos speak for themselves...)

(and what a breakfast to wake up to each day... I did try to resist. but, well, I wasn't as strong as the pull of pancakes! Apart from those days where I had eggs benedict instead!)

One lovely couple I met from Australia were kind enough to send me some photos they had taken during their trip. Here’s me after my first show on board.

(Aren’t you impressed with how well the sunburn clashes with my costume? Impressive huh?!)

Days at sea are strange. Busy, since these are the days I work the most, which is fun, but also somewhat isolating too. I suspect strongly that has more to do with my facebook addiction and not being able to get online rather than anything else!!! Thankfully, I was prepared and took some reading material with me. During the whole trip I managed to get through 3 books. I love reading and need to try to switch off the computer more and open a good. My mum taught me that reading was never a waste of time and it has always made me relax and distress which is quite often the complete opposite of what facebook does to me. Yes, more reading is needed....

So- today’s blog is about remembering three main resolutions ... 
-more teaching
-more general exercise that is not dance
-more reading/less social media (she says writing a blog which she will advertise via twitter and facebook, Doh!)

Hmmm- wish me luck!

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