Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Sunshine and snow

Seemingly it has started to snow again in Scotland... however, thankfully all is sunny here in Cairo!!!!

I'm heading to Scotland in March for 3 weeks.... and hope to be teaching some workshops there..... the plan is Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee....... will keep you posted on details as soon as all is confirmed! Contact me NOW if you are in Scotland and would like to host workshops in some other city!!! The Great Scottish tour- also known as- a fabulous way for me to get to see all my friends all around the country!!!

Meanwhile, here in Cairo I have getting much joy from watering my plants of a morning. It's a really positive way to start the day. Could be doing without the cold I have, yet again (I blame air conditioning and having to work though a cold rather then rest as soon as it starts- thats been a week now- grr- getting bored drinking hot lemon!).

Waiting in for the man from the phone company to come round fix my phone line and therefore hopefully fix my internet connection. It works totally fine occasionally, like right now, but without rhyme or reason shuts down for hours at a time- especially in the evenings when other people are online too I guess. It's driving me slightly mad!

I had 4 shows with mainly American audiences yesterday- they were lovely (saga tours or something of that ilk!). My main concern just now is working out when to get my band together to rehearse my new 'emergance' or however you spell it- the entrance piece of music a dancer starts her set with. I am fed up with the one I am doing...have have been using it too long.... so fed up with it in fact that i forgot part of it yesterday my brain was so disconnected from it!!! Of course I improvised and did something completey new and different, and pretty good actually , if I say so myself, but my band were in stitches laughing at me because they could see my mind had gone completely blank!!!! hmm- new music to challenge and inspire me definitely needed! NOW !

The Nile Group Festival is on again now, they have a new one now in Feb. To be honest... Usually i get all excited about the festivals and look forward to them... but there just seems to be so many, all the same, that i am a little fed up with it. I am not saying that it won't be a fantastic festival- i am sure it will be- and I'll go in April- and for sure it will be fabulous.. but I need a break from this one. I have to say though that i am REALLY looking forward to the Farha Festival in Luxor in September, That is something completely different, in a new city, different teachers, and of course I'll be teaching and performing in it too....!

A recently was interviewed for a Russian bellydance magazine, and one of the questions asked me about my future plans........... well- stay here and keep dancing in Cairo is my answer. I feel so lucky to be here and having the life I have. I can truely say i am content for the first time really in my life. Too much in my past i have focused on the negatives, here I just find it a lot easier to focus on the positives. Yes i have bad days and good days... but overall.. i am very happy and feel blessed. Long may it last!

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