Thursday, February 18, 2010

a busy day in the life of Lorna....

Trying to get myself organised... for a change. But have managed to get quite a lot done today. The Scottish tour workshops are confirmed...

Edinburgh 6th March, to book contact Elspeth,
Dundee 13th March, to book contact Nova,
Glasgow 21st March, to book contact Joanie,

It's going to be really good to see everyone again. Now I just have to work out some studio space for teaching some private classes................ let me know if you are interested in that or/and if you have venue ideas in Edinburgh area!!!!

I also discovered 2 video clips on youtube of myself that I didn't know existed- funnily enough, both in the same costume (my Mango pharonics one!)- but not filmed by the same person or on the same date!


AND i did a private arabic class for 2.5 hours and felt I really made progress, it's slowly coming together! A friend was very patient with me and sat answering my questions. I have decided that i want to take one verb, then go through all possible uses of it... and really get good at it... thats the plan anyway... I have a fair amount of vocabulary now.... but i put it together in a way that isn't always understood as well as I'd like!!!

AND i did some 'dance' homework... working out what moves I actually do have in my current performance repertoire, and finding that Thank God- i do have a lot more than 6 !!!! Sometimes it feels like you do the same thing over and over... but i haven't been, I dont think! Mind you- I also have some fresh inspiration now and can resurrect some moves I haven't used for a while! These things really do go in phases for me. The downside of not choreographing.... the upside is of course that you 'invent' new moves whilst improvising! I miss teaching! That is the perfect way for me to keep a handle on all my various moves!!! I even practised!!!

AND i cooked- worthy of note becuase I so rarely do that! Healthy stuff too!

AND i dyed my hair (well, a friend did that for me)... I MISS being blonde, although granted don't really want to be blonde in this country!

busy day............ and it's not even midnight yet!...... what to do now?................

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