Saturday, March 29, 2008

Catch up.....

Last night I was at Yasmina's house cos Kay Taylor had a group over and they had a party there. They had a few shows too- Nubian, saaidi (stick) and Iskandraya (melaya). One girl from Kays' group is a teacher in Belguim and I just loved the way she moved. Somehow she really reminded me of myself. Calmer ( a good thing!) , and maybe less cheeky.... but the same body shape and the same snakyness. hypnotic!

It was fun, and the band were there- love when there is live music and you can dance , not just perform. Am really excited about work tonight becuase I managed to persuade my manager (well- I have decided he is more like an agent than a manager) anyway- persuaded him to get me this other table player that I really like and got him..... so REALLY looking forward to doing my tabla solo ( or 'faddi' as they call it here) .....

On thursday night I was at work, but the whole boat had been chartered out for a wedding... so ALL the guests were downstairs and the buffet upstairs. There just seemed to be TONS of people. They call all these occasions weddings- but actually it was an engagement party, and the 'bride to be' had her birthday on the same day... a fun night. But loooooong! They had the dreaded wedding video camera's too- so it was REALLY hot with these strong white lights on you the whole time, and you have to keep an eye out to check the camera is trying to get a view up your skirt and then project it on the wall!!!!!!!!!!! Bizarre performing, but at the same time being able to watch yourself dance on a huge TV screen on the wall!!!

And of course just when I was getting into the end of my saaidi number disaster had to strike- one of my bra staps burst! Thankfully everything remained covered.... but I had to do a very rushed finali which left me rather deflated. it's amazing how important the ending is. I went to the cinema to see 'cloverfield' last week and enjoyed the film, but because the ending was very weak it ruined the whole experience for me. I hope the people in my audience weren't as disappointed with my ending, as I was with the film!!!!!


what else has happened? oh yes- Weather. It got up to 40 deg for about a week- forgot how oppressive that can feel! but now it has really cooled down again, only 25deg today ( and yes- I do put all that there to remind people at home how lucky I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and the Khamaseen or the '50-day wind' is on its way (about a month of volitile weather, winds and sandstorms.....) FUN! In Scotland you get used to grey skies most of the time. However, this time of year in Cairo we get used to orange skies!!!

Oh, I am so excited......... by the end of today I will have bright coloured curtains up on my balcony to shade my wondows from the sun, and me sunbathing from my neighbours! Also my dance studio will have full wall mirrors on 2 walls, and my bath will have been repainted. It feels good!

Looking forward to some of my friends coming over to stay in a couple of weeks... should eb a lot of fun.

I rent out rooms- so if you fancy sunbathing on my balcony, dancing in my studio, and seeing Cairo and the dancers here ................. then let me know!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

hey lorna,
it was great to meet you! and fun to improvise with you!

my students had a blast in cairo and especially that last night with the life music and so did I. Kay and Yasmina really are wonderfull!

see you next time (or in england some time).


Anonymous said...

i dont have your email so i'll try it this way (it's not meant as a comment to appear, so just delete this!)
if i click on the link to your website, i get forwarded to a porn website! so something must be wrong there...
you might have a hacker or something,

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

Hi Artemisia

thanks for your comments......
i loved meeting you too, and your girls are just lovely- well done you!!!!!!

my emial is

- feel free to email me on that so I have your email address (I don't get it from the comments page) and keep in touch!

Re the website link - thank you for letting me know- I'll check it out!!!!!!!!!!!! VERY worrying!!!


Anonymous said...

i'm even back at work today... bleh. but i'm taking some time off later this week... i've got a house move to sort out. and need more sleep ;-)

good luck with the website. i'm sure the host can help. and forwarding your domain (so your blog shows up). shouldnt be a problem for them either. otherwise have ONE page made, that says 'under construction', has one picture of you, and the link to your blog.