Friday, March 07, 2008

Performing in Cairo- back to work!

So much to write about I don't know where to start……

Back in Cairo now. Its really, really sunny and warm! Amazing what sunshine can do to your mood! and amazing the difference 2 weeks can make!

Was working last night- on my 1st night back. WONDERFUL!!!!! I very rarely am happy with a performance, being such a perfectionist when it comes to my own work. I really felt wonderful last night though. I guess back to sunshine, and friends, and mainly- my band! Oh the joy of dancing to a live band after 2 weeks working with cds. I really can't describe the pleasure! I felt on top of the world in my new costumes, working with my band behind me- inspiring me, supporting me and very happy to see me. The whole joy of being here and living the dream was reinforced with all 3 performances I did last night!!!

It helped that amongst really nice, mixed, friendly audiences, there were a couple of dancers from Leeds there- smiley faces right in the front, singing along with the music and urging me to do well. I am hoping pride doesn't come before fall in this case- cos I felt so damn proud to be up there, the Scot in Egypt- doing a good job and loving it!

Before I left to go to Scotland, I had a night on the boat where I really didn't feel so confident. I felt it really hard to connect with the audience and it was probably all to do with the way I was feeling about travelling etc but I just wasn't in it at all. One table helped make it a really enjoyable night for me though. They were attentive and smiley- which always helps to a performer! When I did the photos with them (part of the job to go round everyone and have professional pics taken) I realised they weren't speaking English- so I kinda mimed that I wanted the 2 young girls to join me on the dance floor. They did- and were lovely. Really attentive and very good followers! To be honest- I was on stage thinking- I guess work-wise I should be performing for the rest of the audience more and not just enjoying myself with these two. But I decided I needed to have fun too.

The funny thing was – I received a lovely email from the family a few days later………. Turns out that they were Scottish too!!!!! They hadn't realised I was Scot, assuming I was Egyptian. When they discovered where I was from (not sure how) they searched me down on the internet and emailed me to say thanks for making the night so special for their nieces from France (hence me not hearing English!!!) and that they felt very proud as fellow Scots, of my achievements! The girls had been so inspired they had a private class later in the week and are seemingly still speaking about it! The family sent some pics too- Here's us having fun!

I love my job.....................!

If you are reading this and want to join in the fun- and are in cairo over next week or so- I am performing on the following dates;

Nile Pharoah- 7th, 8th, 9th and 12th March

Golden Pharoah- is having a refurbish/ motor overhall or whatever you call it- so not running for next week or so!

hopefully see you here!


Anonymous said...

hi bellylorna,
does that mean we can see a video of you on youtube soon;-)?(being satisfied with your performance i mean)
I enjoy your blog very much and hope to come to egypt some day soon to see you perform.
Cyou bye

Annette McCann said...

Lorna - you're an inspiration!

Annette xx

Ashley said...

love the costume!

أحمد منتصر said...

hhhhhhhh nice pics ! :)

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

Hmmm- not sure re video- if that night had been filmed then yes- I guess I would put it on utube. You know the problem with video- you never capture the real atmosphere- so what ends up being analysed and picked apart is the technique- which is not my main focus. For me connecting with the audience is the main thing. does that make sense?

thanks to all for nice comments!!!