Sunday, March 09, 2008


You know- I've been thinking about it. I think the reason I felt so strong that 1st night back to work here in Cairo was largely due to the massive positive response I received when I was in Scotland. Both in the workshops and in response to my performances. I'd like to blow my own trumpet a little and quote some of an email I received from a student of mine, it really made me feel amazing…

Dear Lorna, You'll be hearing so much of this I am sure! Always seeing you dance has been a source of inspiration and amazement. Each jaw dropping performance has always swept every other dancer from my mind. When you returned to Scotland before, it seemed impossible but somehow you had brought more to your dance, showing us so much emotion and moves that had me doing that " but HOW did she DO that!!!?" face.
This time you did something else amazing. At Morocco you utterly became the music to a point that it seemed impossible to separate the two. You became greater in stature, making yourself immense in the space. The observer in my dance head was trying to question " how does Lorna do that?" but you were just so at one with the music you were it that it was not possible to step back from your performance and look at pieces of it. WOW!
You explained lots of this at your workshop which seemed to be over in minutes. It was a delight to see you dance in Scotland again. Wishing you huge success in Cairo, you are already a huge success! All the best ……… V.

Isn't that lovely? Her email made me sooo proud I instantly sent it to my teacher Sara so she could be proud of me too!!!! The line that really got to me was ' You became greater in stature, making yourself immense in the space.' It got to me because that was the long term aim for me……… not just to be a dancer- but to be a real performer…… and that’s what this line suggests I, at least on this particular night, achieved! I am really grateful that this girl was able to put in writing the way she felt…. And that she even thought about doing it! Quite often when you become good at something, or are the teacher (or both!) people stop praising you. They assume you already know!

Perfect example is when you go to a hafla in UK, EVERYONE will praise the beginners (as they should do since its hard to get up there when you are just starting out!) but few will say anything to the professional- maybe you get a 'great – as always' or something- a comment meant to praise, but actually makes you feel you haven't achieved anything any better than you did before. If you are always good- why put in the effort? Good dancers often have low self esteem too- don't forget to let them know WHAT was good!

Oh- and while I am talking about my time in Scotland- can I just say how much I loved teaching in Dundee and Glasgow again- what NICE NICE people!!! I had forgotten just how welcoming you guys are! Looking forward to coming back to see you in September hopefully when I am in the country for a month (inshallah!!!)

So you can appreciate what I mean- look at these smiley faces from my Glasgow workshop!............... (we all look a bit sweaty and exhausted- but some of us had just done 4 hours dancing!!!!)

I am sad to leave Edinburgh, to leave my family and friends behind. This trip was so chaotic I didn't even get to see most of my family…….. so hopefully when I return end of April (for a week) I can make it a 100% social trip and catch up with everyone (or maybe 98%- for sure I perform at least once at Morocco!!!)

I'm NOT sad to leave that horrible weather! In Cairo the sun is shining- I am out in daytime in a t-shirt (or equivalent) and sleeping with just a sheet- no electric blanket or hot water bottle!!!!

Scotland is the most beautiful country in the world- except for its weather!!!!!!!!!

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