Sunday, March 23, 2008

Costumers in Cairo, and moulids and stuff!

Just realised for all the talking i do (ok- well writing actually) here about my new costumes etc etc _ I rarely give the costume designers themselves a plug..... and they deserve it.... so here goes...

If you want to see Eman Zaki designs and contact her , or her sister Hoda directly , their website is and the emial is there- not too hard to remember!

For Amera el Kattan (aka Pharonics )- harder to track down online- so I'll come back to this one!!! I have a phone number for her- but as yet no website or email- I think that is to protect the people who sell her costumes on, mainly in the states....... I'll research it- or at least get an email for you if possible!!!

For Oriental Moon

For Aida Nour costumes you can arrange to go see her, or check out which festivals she is teaching, and selling costumes at through her website. or email

For Raqia Hassan costumes I have not bought one of these yet- but the pictures look good!

So- there are lots of others............. and I often find some nice items from Mahmoud and Yasser in Khan el Khalili too...............

Today was 37 degrees. Very hot and sticky. I can hardly believe it. Was cold really not that long ago at all. Not a complaint- just a comment!

Having some work done in my flat over the next 2 weeks- mirrors getting put up in my 'spare' room to turn it into a proper studio for the private classes i get here at home and curtain rails put up on the balcony to shelter my huge livingroom windows from the afternoon sun, and so that I get some privicy to be able to sit out there and sunbathe without causing a riot amoung my neighbours!

I must mention mothers day. It was on friday here.... and a pretty huge event. People were saying congratualtions to me even- when i asked why- I was told becuase its a celebration day for all women- when I persisted and said- No its a day for all 'mothers' they argued no, no, for all women! weird. Anyway- well OTT, like valentines day... and when I said to a friend- we won't be able to get a seat in any restaurant today- he asked why- mothers seemingly dont get taken out for their meal- they still have to cook for the extended family on 'their' day! of course.........

It was also the Moulid Al-Nabi , the Prophets birthday, last week- which meant huge dolls and big boxes of sweets on sale everywhere. If for some reason you should be interested in making a moulid doll out of sugar, i found this bizarre with indepth info about it!!!

To read a really great review of another moulid celebration- check out this journalists experience of moulid el-hussain last year...

oh- and Happy Easter everyone.... my 2nd Easter in a row without a chocolate egg- does that mean i have to be a grown up now??????? I don't want toooooo :-( !!!!!

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