Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mubarak to hand over power?

I just got a call from my singer to turn on the news...because he knows i am really worried about Egypt current economic situation and he wanted to tell me that all is going to be well and we will be working soon....

what inspired this hope from my band that we will be back working the Nile before too long?

... it seems there will be an announcement tonight to the people by Mubarak, to announce his handing over power to his vice president. His is in a meeting with Omar Soliman seemingly as I type this according to Nile TV.

I can barely dare to hope. I am so excited for the people if Egypt. So downtrodden for so long. All their lives in fact. The idea that if you want something enough and stand up for your rights then you will actually be listened to is a new idea to the people and can only mean progress. It is something I have always taken for granted in my own life. In UK we are in the envious position politically that it is rarely a matter of life or death which party is in power, just a matter of quality of life. Here in Egypt those my political eyes have really been opened... and I feel lucky i have never had to personally fight for basic human rights the way some have been fighting over the past few weeks. In faact, on a personal note... just to be able to type the Current (but maybe not for long) presidents name on my blog shows how Egypt has changed already. Before now i have always been too scared to write anything polical knowing that bloggers have been imprisoned wihtin recent years just for writing their views. Now i write without that fear. Too many people are proving in Tahrir Square that they also share them.

On the local news now they talk of the people in Port Said protesting and burning things by the police station there, because no one can afford to buy a flat... and 2500 apartments have just been made available to the people. Their demands are being met.

Currently also many new laws are being drawn up including laws that will mean that the parliment will be able to oust future presidents if the people demand or if they don't stick to their job remit, so that the current situation will never recurr.

It's an exciting night............

I wonder what will be the response from the people in Tahrir square when the announcement is made.....


I wonder what will happen to Mubaraks $70 billion?


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that the situation seems to be moving forward and that Egyptian people seem to be getting more of their rights which they should have had all along.
Here in UK I read a very graphic account in yesterday's Guardian,of a British news correspondent actually being captured,taken from a car on the way to Tahrir Square by the military, who were so loved by the people a few days ago, beaten and made to listen to his Egyptian cellmates being tortured with electrified rods. It made pretty grim reading. He was released but didn't know what happened to his fellow captors. And people are "disappearing", having been taken into detention all over Egypt, just like in Latin America. The journalist was released, taken to the airport and is alive to write about it but he could easily not have been.
We have to stay positive, and have hope obviously,but the situation is less than ideal. Talk about promising one thing and doing entirely another.
Entertainers, dancers and musicians would not normally have anything to do with this scenario but it sure makes you think!

Annette said...

Well, he's gone. I'll give you one guess as to where the Egyptian billions will go.... he'll cream off the lot.
Keep posting! Lots of love, Annette xxx