Saturday, February 12, 2011

Egypts revolution from my balcony... but not in my words...

... as written up by Dominique, a house guest (Canadian but lives in Holland) who stayed with  me throughout the majority of the 18 days. I am only sad she wasn't here with me to see the end and party with me! Since she has written up out joint experiences through these days so well... please please read her blog... since through her eyes you'll see what both she and I, and many others went through during this time!

 here's an extract;

Inside , the smell of ordinary Egyptian cooking fills the air, a fragrant symbol of Egypt’s simple people and extraordinary hospitality.

Outside the smoke rising on the eve of an extraordinary Egyptian revolution reminding us of Egypt’s complicated politics and ordinary people’s frustrations.

There is never smoke without a fire .

“ Mafeesh mushkilla “ “ No problem “

You will not hear on the streets today from the mouths of the normally extremely polite cairenes .

There is a problem and people want to be heard .

CNN announces that the police has been asked to withdraw from the streets .. From our vantage point on the balcony of our building on a quiet street in Mohandiseen street we still hear the sound of the crowd. Gunshots have subsided.

Mubarak has now appeared on TV and as his speech finishes we hear the crowd almost instantly roaring its disapproval. The volume is up again.

To read on- and Dominique did a wonderful job writing every day as things progressed to you get a good sense of the progression of it all... plus many photos.... some of which got us into some trouble!!!.... check her blog...

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