Monday, February 14, 2011

Back to work...

I was so excited yesterday when i got a call to say I would be working tonight. Yippee- Life is switched back on!

So I danced my entrance piece.. and then Enta Omri (for me the ultimate romantic song) wearing the pink heart costume from Pharonics. Then i wore my egyptian flag costume and danced on to a collection of we love Egypt songs... The audience went nuts- in a good way. The staff were all singing along and clapping... and guests ALL wanted their photo taken with me .. it was a really nice vibe. Finally i felt I was in my place in this country. I have been feeling a little strange the last few weeks. Supporting the protesters... and never wanting to, but always aware that if things got really bad i was the lucky one who could fly out, whereas the Egyptian people would have to stay no matter what. Tonight, singing the song, dancing the song and giving my love of dance and Egypt to my audience, i felt my feet on the ground ( OK we were on the boat- but you know what i mean!!!) I even got my technician to film it... but he didn't know you couldn't turn the camera on its side- so not sure if I'll be able to use the film at all...

Then the bubble was burst. After i finished the sail, all the while guests asking where i was from and congratulating me etc.. i was told that someone had complained and that i wasn't allowed to wear that costume or dance those songs again. I was gutted. Seemed that one man in the audience, his brother had been injured in the revolution and he found it offensive that someone should bellydance on that music (ya helwa baladi). I feel for him, and all the families of people who were injured or killed in the revolution- that goes without saying. I am in awe of them actually for being prepared to fight so hard for their country. However, i think this is wrong and i intend to put my point across to the management, because i feel that one mans opinion should not determine my set. If he doesn't like bellydance (and lets face it if he's saying that then he probably doesn't approve of bellydance full stop) then why on a cruise with dancing? If he is so upset about his brother, why out for a cruise instead of being with him? and the biggest question... if this really is a new Democratic Egypt- does not then the Majority rule??? The majoirty LOVED it.

anyway- thats tomorrows battle. I'll keep you posted.

The best bit about the whole thing- I danced tonight, on the Nile... Lorna is BACK and Egypt is recovering!!!

Thank god.

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msHedgehog said...

Don't worry, you can turn the video picture round. I think YouTube lets you do it, Facebook certainly does. You upload it and then it's one of the options.