Tuesday, December 09, 2008

taking a break......

3 hours from now I have to head out to the bus station to catch a bus to Dahab. I've never been there... and never travelled around Egypt on my own.. so should be exciting (lets face it- NOTHING in Egypt is boring!). I'm meeting up with girlfriends at the beach and looking fwd to some lovely days in the sun...... just packing now. Sleep will have to happen on the bus (8hour journey... but only 75le!)

I woke up this morning to the smell of blood... the cows are gone... but the gutters run deep with red floodwater. lovely. I am really glad to be getting out of town now- especially once the sun starts hitting those gutters... dread to think what they will smell like in a day or two!!

I enjoyed work tonight. 4 shows total. lots of Italians for some reason in the 1st sail... but almost all Arabs in the second... in very festive spirit!Lots of kids... so the atmosphere was light and fun... one boy ran to hide under the table when I tried to get him up to dance- was very funny!!!!People with brand new babies keep wanting me to hold them and have my photo taken with them.... its hard sometime to pull myself away and back to the dancing again at times!!

One guest on the boat tonight wanted to buy one of my saaidi costumes (the turquoise and gold one) - she said the money was no option- she just HAD to have it....but I couldnt bring myself to do that... Felt wrong somehow...to sell the costume I had just that second been performing in... plus I love it too!!! told her to check out Eman Zaki's website instead!

better go finish the packing.... maybe I'll squeeze in 2 hours sleep before I travel! I've been warned that the AC on the bus is full blast- therefore freezing- but everytime you get out the bus its roasting hot- how to dress for that journey eh?!!!

Not taking the computer with me- so no more blogs for a week... will be strange to be offline for so long- amazing (and more that a touch frightening) how addicted you can get to the internet- so i'm going cold turkey!

oh- and I have a dancer staying with me just now from Mexico who is attending Raqia's winter intensive training course this week 9 which is being held in 6th October city- miles out of town!)- so when i get back my hols I'll pick her brains and tell you all about that!!!!!

Happy Eid to all.......Happy Holidays!

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