Monday, December 15, 2008


for years I have been hearing people talk about Dahab with such huge enthusiasim, yet I always though it was a bit OTT. yeah yeah- its chilled, you relax there.... hmmm..

IT'S true!!!!!!!! I dont know why... but the whole vibe of the place is just complete relaxation. you get NO hassle in the street, the sun is warm, the mood is respect and chill- it was just exactly what i needed to escape Cairo to!

I was nervous about travelling alone in a bus- only because i haven't done that in Egypt before. It was totally fine. cheap ( 75le one way) 8 hours, smoke free bus, AC was too high so I had to wrap myself up... but fine.

The girls came to meet me at the bus station at Dahab and we jumped into a taxi to the hotel- well - actually- we jumped into the flat-back part of a pick up truck which is what they use for taxis!!!!!! What a bizarre way to start the trip!

The hotel was on the Blue hole road, and called Dahab Paradise. It is LOVELY. One of the best organised and well run hotels I have stayed in in Egypt. the view from the balconies and from poolside was pool, palm trees, sea and Saudi Arabia very clearly visable across the water!I felt for the class of hotel it was a very good price too (250le for a twin room, then 300le for a triple) Breakfast was eggs and potato and cheese and pancakes and and- oh I am hungry just now- can't think about all that again!

The only downside of the hotel was that there is a strong wind coming from the water to the poolside- so even when the sun was hot , it wasn't very warm for sunbathing.... can imagine though that in summer that fact would be a huge benefit rather than failure though!!!! We went down to the Blue Hole to find some sheltered sun bathing places. LOTS of divers there- but when i had the dive Blue hole described to me I reconfirmed in my head that I never want to dive! the graves plaques stuck on the walls there of people who have died in the water didn't exactly encourage me either!!!! friends the next day who snorkled said they saw huge barracuda circling them.... yet another reason to really appreciate sunbathing not being in the water!!!!!!

I loved Dahab. Fun people. Relaxed lounging, drink in hand. Dancing the night away. ah- I miss it already! I realised that I haven't had a holiday holiday ( that didn't involve doing workshops, for spending time with family etc) for well over 3 years- in fact probably longer since before that my holidays were always to Cairo from Scotland!!!! I hadn't actually realised how much I needed it. Considering its not so expensive either- I think dahab will be on my 'must do' list far more often!!! Ah- chilled!

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if i was passing by you in that photo with the charming balck you are in, i was gonna say:
"hello sweetie" ;)