Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Holiday in Cairo

Last night I tagged along with Kay's group (who are here on a dance holiday from UK) to go and see Rhanda. I wonder if there will ever be a moment when she will stop inspiring me? She creates in me a double edged feeling- that I should give up now... and that I am desperate to improve learn and be like her!

I was so jealous of the girls in Kays trip- today they had 2 hr workshops- one with Aida Nour and one with Rhanda. Tomorrow they have the same but with Nour and Leila. I recommend Kay's dance based holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.faridaadventures.com

They are shattered- but happy. I think 3 hours sleep the night before last, and maybe 6 if they were lucky last night!

People have asked me if I will organise another holiday......... and I am happy to if there is demand... now I have been here for so long (it'll be 2 years in march!) I know a lot more people places etc etc and could happily organise private classes etc too.......... so who knows- if you are interested in coming over... and Kay's holiday's don't suit.... let me know.

I am currently staying in a lovely flat with 2 spare bedrooms so can sleep 3 guests at a time (4 if two people want to share a double bed!!!) and am happy to organise small scale holidays if just you and a friend or two want to come over. I have 3 girls coming over for xmas and new year and am already excited and looking fwd to it!

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