Monday, December 31, 2007

End of 2007, start of 2008

what can I say?????????

all of 2007 I have been working on a boat on the Nile as a bellydancer in Cairo. My dreams have come true!!!!

but then -no one is ever happy to stay where they are.... so of course I have yet more dreams and hopes for 2008- but they all involve me staying on here in Cairo-

so this '6 month' trip to Cairo- which will be 2 years after only 2 more months.. will extend yet again. Apologies to those of you in Scotland who miss me and were hoping to have me back soon- but thank you all for the support and encouragement you have given me which does really help!!!!!

Christmas was unusual! My first in Cairo and it was wonderful to have Clair, Cathrine and Michele here to stay and help me celebrate it! We had a long lie, and then opened pressies on the balcony in the sunshine. Then , after a quick stop in a the costume shop to order a couple of cossies, we had a felucca ride on the Nile at sunset with a couple of gin and tonics, a water edge cafe next for some sheesha and cuppa and then onto a friends house for the whole turkey dinner thing. A wonderful day.

The hardest thing about christmas here was missing my family. It was my 1st ever christmas away from them ever.... and I cried when my young cousin (5 years old) called me in tears to say she REALLY really missed me and wanted to dance with me!!!!!!!!!!!! and although I had her, and me, giggling by the end of the call, I would have prefered a cuddle! Ah well........ the price you pay for something you really want has got to be high I guess......

The weird thing about Christmas here was having to remind myself all day that it actually was christmas- I forced the girls to wear tinsel around their necks all afternoon to help remind me.... and we decorated the felucca beautifully! (photos to follow once Michele has downloaded them!!!!) Lovely having my friends here with me!!!

Talking about friends- I have one who moved to USA to follow his dreams too and now find he has even quoted me in his Blog!!!! check it out (esp if you are interested in writing and/or psychology!!!)

So Hogmany tonight and I will be dancing on the Nile Pharoah from 10.30pm- 1.30am..... so seeing in the New Year the way I hope it continues- ie with lots of work and dancing on the Nile. Its been a long year with lots of ups and downs......... but I feel things are really beginning to work out now.... so I am happy with that.

I hope your dreams come true in 2008 too............ and if you dont really know what your dreams are- then THINK ABOUT IT- how can they come true otherwise!!!!!!!!!

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