Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Audience reactions....

well- I have been working a lot the last week or so... and the audiences have been vey mixed. Lots of tourists, esp Americans and Japanese for some reason, plus some Arabs and the rest Egyptians, more or less...

a crowd is a funny thing..........

1) sometimes they are behind you before you even start- they just want a party (I love those nights, they are such fun!!!!!!!!). Weddings are often like this.

2) Sometimes they need warmed up but are with you at the end (thats when you feel you have really made a difference and those nights I feel most proud of myself and my dancing!)

3) and sometimes they are determined to pretend you don't exist (those of course are the nights that make you question the whole point of living never mind questioning your own dancing ability!!!!!). These are usually nights with lots of Arabs in the audience and business men who are out to impress collegues from abroad etc etc so dont want to be seen as frivilous!

Thankfully these nights seem to be more and more the 1 and 2 rather than 3 type of nights!

In fact- one night (a number 1 night), a had 2 tables full of Egyptians actually chanting my name 'Lorna Lorna Lorna' while I was dancing!!!!!!!!!!! their idea- not mine! I tell you- I was so suprised and chuffed I nearly tripped over my feet!

tonight I had a number 2 type of night- but I got some kids up to dance with me and won over those who were refusing to be won by my dance alone......... those kids were amazing! I love it.... really love it. I felt however my dancing wasn't what it could be or should have been- but maybe I am getting used to things too much cos my dresser peeked out for part of my opening dance and said she was blown away- that that was the best she had seen me dance! I suspect I am just my own worst critic!!!

last night was a number 3. well- I thought it was.... there was just no reaction from the crowd at all....I thought I had really flopped, but then at the end I got so many complainments from staff and customers and my band that I figured maybe I had just guaged it wrongly and that it was my mood that was low rather than their response.

oh- and the night before that was another chanting my name night (except this time i was already in the changing room and they were hoping for me to come out to dance again- THAT was very rewarding!- for me- not for them , since the boat had docked so I couldn't give them what they wanted!)

So each night i perform on the boat there are so so soooooooo many factors involved, as to whether it will be a good night or not. My mood, my health, the band (in fact each individual member of the band) whether I have my fanoon or not (the dancing boys for the Saaidi number),my dresser, my boy, the mood of the staff and mangement of the place (all those play their own part) and most importantly - the guests............... and of them all- if the audience is responsive.... then it can lift any bad mood any of the rest of us have and really make for a good night.

the moral of the story- If you are in an audience...............for anything- not just bellydance, let the performers know you are enjoying the show- they will enjoy doing it more and you in turn as a member of the audience will enjoy it more too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be honest- I only dance for 2 things......... 'me' and for 'the applause'..........
(the money isn't worth talking about- so it sure as heck isn't for THAT!!!!!!!!)


Unknown said...

Dear Lorna,
Thank you for a great journal! I really enjoy reading it, your enthusiasm is contagious!


Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

I love dance- and I love writing about it- so am really always happy to hear when people love reading about it too!!!!!

keep dancing!