Monday, September 24, 2007

Stuff for Sale!!!!

Roll up , Roll up for Lorna's amazing
' staying in Cairo for at least another year' Souk!!!

Sunday 30th Sept
Morocco Restaurant, Dundas St, Edinburgh.

(also Sunday 14th Oct in Dundee, details TBC)

I just couldn't bring myself to do this before now, but needs must..... so..... for the 1st time ever I have decided to sell off some of my own costumes! Most of these have been worn maybe only 2 or 3 times- ie as good as new!!!! There are bra/belt sets and dresses too!

There will also be brand new stuff too! skirt/veil sets, coin belts, cygat, sticks, jewellery etc

and on special offer i have 5 copies only of Amr Diab's brand new CD 'El Lelady' at ONLY £8 per CD.

See you at the Souk!!!

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