Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Rhanda and lunch time show!

Last night, straight from work, I went to see Rhanda perform at the Marriot again. She didn't start til after 2.30am!!!! was after 5am by time I got home. Worth it though. Didn't have my camera, so sorry- no pics this time. But she has lost weight- I guess all the dancing she has been doing this summer- and was looking strong- if a little distracted somehow. Maybe because she had to start her show an hour later than she was supposed to! Still inspirational!

After she danced Caroline (dancer from australia who lives and works here) and I got up to dance with the band who were on after Rhanda- it was fun. The manager joked he should emply her and I to do a duet- so we let him know we did have the required papers in case he was serious about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, after teaching, and performing all night I still wanted to be up dancing- it really is addictive!

just as well I love it- today was hellish. I was in the street, with my girl, Yasmeen, about to get a taxi to go look at some costumes (seemingly she knows somewhere good but much cheaper than I usually get- will keep you posted if i ever get there!!!) and my singer calls me wanting me to be at the boat to perform in half an hours time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not enough time to get the band there- so bring CD. now that was the problem (apart from having to rush home, pack costumes, grab make up, etc I then had to find CD's which worked- only to discover computer playing up and not playing CD's for me so can't check what music I have- sooooooooooooo frustrating!!!)

Anyway- Yasmeen and I get there late (of course traffic hellish so journey alone takes half an hour!) have have to go on the launch to the pharoah which is already half way through its sail (launch is small power boat- going very fast through Nile to work- felt great!!!!) anyway- manageress tells me- on stage now- no time for make up or anything- so there was me- barefaced, dancing one song upstairs and 2 downstairs- totally rushed, for a boat load of British tourists feeling very embarressed cos the set was so short and the music not ideal.................. anyway- they all loved it, and was for sure the quickest I have ever worked! An interesting experience, but hopefully they will give me a little notice next time!

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Kaydee said...

I LOVE this story!!!
Especially taking the speedboat to work,,, hit play on a CD, run onstage and start dancing. That is so awesome.

Great also that you just go catch a show at 3 in the morning. love it love it, keep it coming.