Saturday, September 15, 2007

Nice, busy day..

This morning I went to Maadi to teach my workshop- stopping on the way to buy up a few copies of the newest Amr Diab CD to sell at the class (my choroegraphy was to one of the tracks on it- and it really is a catchy cd all in- I recommend it!)

The workshop was full! 15 people. Fantastic. was very happy.... all ex pats, mainly British or American, with one Argintinian- Asmahan's sister! It was lovely to meet her and have her in my class- a lovely dancer who teaches in a studio on road nine in maadi. 3 hours was a long class- but just enough time for us to get through the entire routine I had made up and learn lots of technique in the process, without everyone passing out from exhaustion! Everyone who came says they want to do another one- so i am working out the next date- probably the end of Oct to do another one.

We had a lovely evening with many of us staying on having drinks and iftar on the balcony at Waleed and Anna louise's place- very hospitable of them both, and so nice to meet so many nice people!

My first iftar this ramadan (breaking the fast) To read more about ramadan, the religious background to it and how Cairo becomes affected by it etc you can read my entries all about it from last year- just look under the label 'Egyptian culture and customs' between end sept and mid Oct 06.


Anonymous said...

Hi Belly Lorna!

I tried to send you an email through your webpage, but it didn't seem to work?? I am an aspiring ATS belly dancer and am interested in moving to Cairo for a bit. I would love to chat!

If you get the chance, my email is

Thank you very much!

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

Hi Lamai,

my emial is

would be great to chat with you and see you here in Cairo.........