Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Blogging from the bus!

I'm on a bus. I'm supposed to be on a plane, going to Cairo, but I am on a bus heading from London to Edinburgh instead. 

I rescheduled the plane ticket. 

Next week I will be back in Cairo, not this week. 

I decided to extend my stay in UK for lots of reasons, although everyone assumes its because of the 'troubles' there. 

That is NOT a reason. Not directly anyway.

Main reasons were; 

- I was hugely stressed that I had hardly seen any of my Edinburgh friends in my short stay there. I felt I needed more time. 
- My tenants in my flat in Edinburgh have left and I wanted to spend a little time in the flat again before I find a new tenant, sort it out a little.  (I am still looking if anyone in Edinburgh knows of anyone needing a one bed flat!!) 
- Seemingly some kind person has stolen all the lead sheeting from the roof of our building, seemingly they can resell it for £30 per sheet. Unfortunately it will cost a heck of a lot more than that to replace it! so I need to sort out insurance etc and make sure that's sorted. 
- and lastly... If Cairo is still unsettled, which it is, I figured there wouldn't be a whole lot of work for me at the Nile Pharoah boat, so they wouldn't miss me for one week extra! 
- plus it gives me time to fit on a few more private classes in Edinburgh and London before I fly and every penny counts, especially these days in Cairo! 

So, I know I won't get round everyone. But if anyone wants a private class in London on mon 12th or tues 13th, I have a couple of slots available.... Contact me ASAP though! 

So, I am happy to have some extra time here in UK, but still looking forward to going home to Egypt next week too! 

So, to those worried because I didn't come back yes, don't worry. Cairo is too deep in my heart now. I'll be home soon! 

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