Monday, September 12, 2011

Visa's on Arrival .....

One day you do, next day you dont. Welcome to Egypt.

The Egyptian 'government' has now " shelved plans " for new visa regulations. It will continue to be possible to buy your entry visa at the airport on arrival.

Seems they have just realised that such a regulations would have a negative impact on tourism.... you don't say!

good........... shame they didn't consider this before announcing they were going to implement it and cause chaos in an already shaky touirst industry! Better late than never!

On a different topic all together, i bought a light for the ceiling in my dance studio in 'Hotel BellyLorna' today so that from now on I can dance, and teach Saaidi without fear of having glass rain down on me from the already broken from exuberant stick twirling, light fitting!!!!

Oh and the duck lost its quack, it was melted off... and then of course was burnt alive (I'm talking about a kettle here- no animals have actually been hurt!!!) and has now been replaced with a bright shiny dairy milk purple 'duck' which is not really a duck of course however 'kettle' in Hotel Bellylorna will be forever more be referred to as the duck in memory of the ducks who have losts their lives in the honourable duty supplying bellydancers from all around the world with their morning cuppas!!! (if you are still confused about all this talk of dead ducks- please check out an old blog entry from last year! )

If you want to come and stay in Hotel Bellylorna... now that you can come and buy your visa on entry and partake of a cup of tea from the lovely new purple duck......and swing your Saaidi stick freely..... .

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Goodbye duck!