Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Payback time

I performed last night on the Nile Pharaoh for the 1st time since before Ramadan. It felt amazing to be back on stage on the Nile again. I really did miss it. I loved the support and enjoyment and appreciation i could see in my audiences eyes... Egyptian, Arabs and 'foreigners' alike.

I met one audience member who was also from Scotland... i loved the confusion that flashed over his face... she's the Bellydancer.... talking to me...... in Egypt, from Edinburgh... It always takes a while to sink in!!!

now for my first ever voluntary attempt at 'poetry' ............

Last night's little drama;

On stage, the dance is unfurling,
the audience watching
The musicians focusing
working hard to stay together
working hard to stay with me

The magic is happening
but the dance floor fights back
payback for all the beating
from my feet
from my asaya
There's a nail sticking up out of the wood...
OH... that hurt
but no blood, deep breath.

Must avoid, MUST avoid...
try to focus on the music
without looking like the floor is winning,
It must not win
an evil, dreaded cucumber slice...
squished, pale and watery
harmless looking but treacherous
rejected from a passing plate,
designed to be my ruin,
designed to bring me down.

I step on it
I'm falling
no... no, I'm not
the floor won't get me
I swing my hip out far
then further, even more
My arms reach for the heavens
to the audience
praying these smiling powers will keep me upright
my spine is stretched, about to
then counterbalance
with a smile on my face
the audience unaware of what could have been,
a new move is created

I take a breath
I win

I go to collect that saaidi stick
Payback time....


A Daft Scots Lass said...

Hey Lorna - great poem. You should post more

Cheryl said...

Wow you've been busy! You probably won't remember me but I was a student of yours back in Dundee 10 years ago! It was you who fostered a love of bellydance in me that never left but unfortunately I haven't danced in YEARS.

Seeing you again has inspired me to hoke out the jinglies and see if my body remembers :o)

Delighted to see how well you're getting on!

With fond memories,

Cheryl xx