Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Facebook advertising!

I spent all evening, with my feet up resting, and trying to get a facebook page organised... so i can seperate out my 'dance life' and my 'normal life' . I am not sure yet whether this is possible or not.......... as in, I'm not sure that i have a 'normal' life in anyway shape or form...!!!

So it's there now, a new facebook page;

Lorna of Cairo (aka BellyLorna!)

which sends out invites to my friends asking them if they would like to become a 'fan' of Lorna- I mean really - what sort of question is that??????? It feels totally wrong and big headed. Not Scottish at all. But anyway- it's done now.... so i am hoping i can get lots of 'fans' to join! (failing that- anyone interested in hearing more about my bellydance life is welcome- you don't have to class yourself as a 'fan' !!!!!)

I plan to update it (along with the blog of course!) with new of any workshops/performances etc etc and already there are a few photos up there too!

become a fan......................?

Lorna of Cairo (aka BellyLorna!)

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Miss Vena said...

Would love to become "a fan"!