Monday, March 15, 2010

Edinburgh workshop 20th March

I can't believe the time here is going by so fast.

I taught a very successful and fun, workshop on the 6th in Edinburgh- and there was enough interest to warrent putting on an extra class this saturday, 20th. Just waiting for the bookings for that to come in.......

and Glasgow on sunday 21st too... goodie goodie!

Dundee workshop last saturday was sold out too... and was a lot oof fun.. so much for 'less is more' which was the topic. Granted I did give lots of ideas on how to pack more punch into your performance... but I gave lots and lots of moves too! In fact, the last 2 workshops have shown me that i know a lot more than I always think I do! I need to teach high level classes more often, it inspires me! I had written out a list of some techniques i had wanted to cover in each workshop... and i didn't even use the sheet, because i came up with (of my body did anyway- doesn't seem to go via the brain!) so many other things on the day!!! We had a lot of fun and was lovely to see so many fabulous women, some of whom I haven't seen for years! Last week it was my glutes that were feeling it- this week my stomach muscles!!!

... and the 'Lorna of Cairo' hafla this Thursday too... which of my 3 lovely new Eman costumes should I go for??? Hmmm.... you'll have to come along to find out!

I have started to catch up with friends this week.... last week was 100% family! I love having good friends that even though we may not have seen each other for up to 6 months, when we get together its like there hasn't been anytime apart!!! Tonight after a meal at one friend's house I am heading out to dance at 'Medina' which has some salsa and some world music playing!!! Tomorrow night I am inviting everyone who knows me... along to 'Empires' restaurant to have dinner and catch up... we may well end up hitting some club after too- the ones who don't have early work next day anyway!!! Hope to see lots of people out tonight and tomorrow!

next week will be the Cairo friends catch up!

love to all my friends, and students!!!!.... wherever in the world you might be!

PS remember to BOOK NOW for Thursdays Hafla and Saturday's workshop!


A Daft Scots Lass said...

Awesome stuff. Thanx for the update. I love all your profile pics!!!!

Unknown said...

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