Tuesday, August 04, 2009

flashy lights.... and takers for Tux?

something new at work last night.....

they have put up a backdrop of flashing fairy lights to my stage!

It's a bit weird.... fun, and shiny-and am sure will create an interesting backdrop for photos... but I feel also it cheapens the place slightly? After all- its a 5 star venue on the Nile- does it really need fairy lights???

will try to get a pic on thursday if I can!!!

what can I say? I hardly write these days cos I have had non-stop visitors and non-stop work!

Which ironically means there is probably more to write about- but never time or energy to write!!!

Tha past weeks are full of work stories like the arab guys who were in with their 2 wives wearing higab- except that one of the women was 100% a man- and knew I knew it from the embarressed look in his eyes!!!! or like another arab table with their women in higab who - when I got close enough to have my photo taken with them, showed me quite clearly that they have nothing on underneath their higab other than bright yellow sexy underwear!!! What can I say??? (when i say arab here I mean men and women from the gulf area, rather than Egyptians, who rarely class themselves as 'arab')

It's the season........ been working til 3am most nights... which is manageable (from a 7pm start) unless you have a) lunch time sails as well or b) house guests who you have to/want to entertain!!! or of course c) a cold!

All the weird eating times ( yes- ever stranger than usual) and strange sleeping times (ditto) and hot weather has meant my immune system really is stuggling and I have had a horrible cold for over a week now. At least i faired better than Leila who was in bed with flu for a week...poor thing- glad she is better now!...... of course- I then had to cover her nights on the boat too.... thank god I love my work!

The most upsetting news though is that i MUST find a new permenant home for kitten (its a boy- and we sort of call him Tux on account of him looking like he is wearing a dinner jacket and bow-tie!!!), so please- if anyone reading this wants a totally adorable, friendly, fun, healthy 6 WEEK OLD today black and white kitten......... or knows anyone who might.......

he is homeless from the start of Ramadan otherwise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is now litter trained and eats normal cat food- so much easier than the tiny bottle fed thing we have raised. Mummy Marte and Daddy Lorna (on account of I take full credit for having a lovely cat, and cuddle and play with him occasionally- but Marte does almost all the work!!!!) are very sad to have to see him go- so a good home is essential!!!!! (His 'brother' lion also needs a new home!!!)

I have an unexpected night off work... i was suppossed to be working the Nile Pharoah tonight but since it came back from dry dock, it still isn't working.... so potentially a night off tomorrow too unless things change!!!

I'm off out to see a band perform instead tonight.......... leaving Marte home with baby!!!

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Unknown said...

Ahhhh Tux is just ridiculously cute!!!!