Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Educating myself....

I tried to be good- honest I did.

i had booked a private class... and the teachers car broke down on the way here....

then I decided to stretch- and managed just over an hour before I discovered my wireless internet connection was actually working in the studio. Damn facebook and my low willpower!

My day today in photo form..... (oh and yes- my excuse for doing so little involves the tissues and the Olbas Oil you can see here!!!)

I have however, on the up side, managed a lot of reading today- currently I am reading a book I bought 2 years ago and have been putting off and putting off because I thought it looked so 'heavy'. Something I felt I 'should' read rather than something I wanted to which you can understand when i say its name; 'Journey of the Jihadist- Inside Muslim Militancy'.

However.... i have become quite involved in it and recommend it for anyone trying to understand world politics today especially in relation to Jihad and Islam. It written by a Lebanese Christian, Fawaz a.Gerges ... and you might think it would therefore be very biased against Islam- however... I have found it hugely educational and interesting and I have learned positive things about Islam from it as well as some very frightening things about Islamists and Jihadists (and also I know the difference now too!!!!).

I didn't know for instance that the majority of Osama bin Ladan's followers in Afghanistan were from Egypt. Or that the main support for Jihad began in Egypt in the time of Sadat. It's worth the read......... just give it a little effort in the very beginning.

oh- and I learned that if you read something interesting while you stretch you can hold a position much deeper for much longer!!!

I also learned today that if I stand still on my left leg only for any length of time it hurts like hell!!! All my balance and control is in my right leg!!!! More stork standing for me from now on.

I have a movie night in tonight- plan on watching the film 'the dancer and the tabla player'. Will give you my thoughts on it tomorrow!!!!


unknown said...

Love the reading and stretching tip! Here's one in return for your left leg - once your balance is improving, make it even more challenging by standing on a half-full hot water bottle (reduces your stability), or throw and catch a tennis ball (or in my case, cuddly sheep) as you balance!!
Hugs, Elspeth xxx

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

recognise the ball there Elspeth? you gave me that!!!

my plan after mastering flat foot standing on one leg, is to progress to on toes! Or maybe 1st I'll practise leg raising with the non weight-bearing leg- work the balance and the leg muscles and the tummy all together!!!

Actually- reading at the same time was very hard cos you have to balance by feel alone rather than by sight!!!

I have muscles where I forgot I used to have them (I miss my teaching!!! Performing def works the muscles in a very different way!!!)

see you in Scotland very soon.

Anonymous said...

good girl, you should know about Islam from middle eastern Christians, cuz Muslims never tell the truth, they just tell what make Islam look good.

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

wow- count of monte cristo- thats some sweeping statement there.

In fact... that statement alone says a LOT more about the relations between the 2 religions here than I could have written.

Laurinha said...

Hi Lorna,
keep up the good work: sore muscles or not, I'm hitting the gym again tonight; needs must!
About the very tempting offer to join you in Cairo: be careful, someone might take you up on that offer (and I don't mind if it's me ^_^). But in a nearer future, I hope to have the pleasure to see you somewhere in the UK: or are you not coming during Ramadan as planned? Let me know as soon as you have something resembling a schedule.
All the best,