Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gutted - again.........

well, now I have time with all my visitors having returned to their normal lives, I had been really looking fwd to settling down to some serious blogging. Unfortunatly the 1st of these is yet again a complaint of breach of trust.

I went to salsa last night at The Place. It's a nice crowd and I like going there because people are so friendly. However, last night my bag was stolen- probably by one of these 'friendly' fellow salsa dancers.

It had my wallet with money and credit cards, my house keys and my mobile phone.

The security eventually found the bag dumped in the grounds outside, still magically with my credit cards in my wallet and my house keys. (Thank God!)

They took 200le- but left me 100le ( I guess they didn't want to be too mean?) and of course the mobile phone ( new - only a month old) is gone. The phone less important than the photos and texts and of course numbers stored on it. wish they had left me the sim card along with the bag!!!!!!!!!

So someone I dance with......... well, in our group anyway, is such a low life theif. I am just too trusting.

One of the guys at salsa was explaining that if I go to the police with my serial number from the phone, then they can track the person that has it as soon as they try to insert a new sim card. I se a HUGE flaw however in this argument- that I would have to go through the trauma of going to the police. well- thats just not going to happen is it?!

Hopefully i will be able to get my own number back- but that will now have to be my job for this afternoon......... but in the meantime- friends- please email me your mobile number- AGAIN!!!

Once I get over this I'll try and blog some of the good stuff thats been happening!


Anonymous said...

Trust is a huge sin to do in Egypt specially if you are a foreigner, cuz locals believe foreigners are rich(i believe they are right in this unless the foreigners are from south of Sudan).

sorry for knowing this anyway, you should be careful more.

and tell the guy who told you the cops can trace the thief to decrease watching spy Hollywood movies.

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

so it was my fault to trust????

not all foreigners are rich- some get paid in egyptian pounds ( like me!) and just manage to scrape by. granted better of than a lot- but not more than the people who would be out drinking and socialising in the place it was stolen!

oh- and that guy did use this method of retreiving a stolen phone..................