Friday, October 31, 2008


ok......... I am amazed and surprised.

my mobile phone was found- in the gardens of the place where it was stolen.... totally fine apart from the battery having been removed!!!!!!

how bizarre is that?

Cairo.... a mad crazy city.. which will often frustrate and annoy and tire you out............ but NEVER bore you!

The day I understand this place and all its goings on....... oh- i dont know. never.

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Anonymous said...

Randomness is the name of the game here, may be he/she freaked out and decided to get only the part he can get.
May be he/she heard about your James Bond friend who can get it back by making the cops trace the cell and decided to get rid of the cell and take only the batteries.
wow! an interesting case for detective Adrian Monk :)

good news anyway you got it back.