Friday, September 19, 2008

pics... and Video!

If you go to this link
you can see the photos taken during the fashion show at Ahlan we Sahlan this year... I was modelling Amera el Kattan designs..... some lovely costumes!

OK... it was bound to happen at some point......... somebody has filmed me on their mobile phone at a party I dance for at New Year in a club in Cairo 07/08 and stuck it on Utube. Its not the best recording ever... and its not the best dancing i have ever done (was pretty difficult to move actually with people crowding in on me on every side- I was supposed to have bouncers and they didn't appear so i am somewhat more restrained than i would normally of been...) but enough excuses... I decided after a fellow dancer ( Thanks Marte) brought it to my attention to stick the link on here.... so here goes- the 1st video of Lorna performing on her blog!!!

I guess now I'll have to get a recording of me on stage with my band and boys to show off what i can do with a bit more space! I have never done it before now because I am such a perfectionist that i am never happy with any film of me!!!!!!!!

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