Wednesday, September 17, 2008

all about me !

Normally this blog is me writing about my experiences and my thoughts on dance and life in general, but for a change, and because I was so overwhelmed by these responses,I thought I would include all the lovely feedback i got from the dancers in Leeds. To let you all know how wonderful people think I am!!!!

At a time when i am really having a crisis of confidence and questioning what I am doing with my life... these comments brought home to me that i am doing exactly what i should be doing!!!! Thank you girls for your glowing words- i am overwhelmed!!! Oh- and I have added in a few photos taken that weekend by the lovely Sabrina!

“I thought Lorna was a beautiful performer who knew how to get very close to the audience without being threatening. She looked like she was really enjoying herself as we all were. I loved the tartan and homage to Scotland - very funny!
I felt like I learnt a lot in just an hour with her - wish it had been longer! She explained stuff in a really useful way I could get my head around. Can't wait to see her perform again!”

Nicola Brown, Leeds

“I was so nervous when I finally said yes to a private session with Lorna. It was such a good introduction seeing her dance the night before - my fears were calmed - her performance was enchanting, I loved her skill of less quantity but huge quality in each move - such strength and impact - less is more as they say. She also bewitched us with her humour, her lovely sense of fun, beautiful smile and her ability to reach us all through her dance. And those shimmies layered over camels, hits, circles - wow!
I was surprisingly calm for my session - we seemed to be on the same wave length completely which was a great start and I understood exactly what she was getting at - and I hope vice versa. She was uncannily astute in her perception of me as a person and said some very spookily true things about my character which in turn helped me to interpret into my dance! I didn't feel embarrassed or self conscious - she danced very little but talked a lot - I was all over the studio like a woman possessed- I felt liberated and empowered at last with my dancing! No more retiring mouse for me - watch out on that dance floor! Lorna - you are a star!!! Can’t wait to see you at JoY 2009. Thank you”

Jane Coello, Leeds

“Lorna was just WOW had me drooling over those undulations!!”
Nicky Davis, Leeds

“I was given a private lesson with Lorna for my birthday (cool present huh!) after watching her perform the night before I was so excited about my lesson. I was sort of nervous too. Like most people who dance only for fun, I can be a bit self conscious - so I wasn't sure if it would be intimidating, with only two of us in the 'class' there would be no where to hide! I needn't have worried. Lorna is so warm and giving it all seemed totally natural. I wanted help with shimmies and what to do with my arms, as well as tips for feeling less shy dancing in front of others. After one (too short!) hour I felt Lorna had successfully covered all of this and more. I had some top tips and techniques to take away with me, and I honestly feel that my dancing is already the better for it.”
Nicola Wild, Leeds

“Lorna’s performance had me completely transfixed to the point that I found myself open-mouthed on more than one occasion! She was absolutely terrific and mesmerising to watch. I loved every minute of the show and I cannot wait to see her again – what a woman!

With regards to the private lesson I shared with my good friend Ellie, I was delighted that Lorna was able to give us an hour of her time for some very valuable, personal feedback. Everything that Lorna said I have taken on board and will aim to improve upon. I know that I’m not just speaking on behalf of myself when I say this, but Lorna was an inspiration and I hope to one day be half as good as she is.”

Beth Hallam, Leeds

“I really enjoyed watching Lorna perform on Saturday, she's such a great dancer and her personality and feeling for the music shone through her dancing. She is also a supportive and generous teacher and I found my lesson with her very inspirational.”
Helen Rix, Leeds

.............. and there was me worried about how a UK audience,who didn't know me,would respond! aaawwww shuks.

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