Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kindness, Fire again and capturing your audience!

It's ok.... I am NOT going to pack it all in!

I was really down after the theft of my Gold Bangle... but the response I have had to that posting has totally reconfirmed my faith in human nature. So So So many people have emailed me, mostly people I dont even know, to sympathise and try to cheer me up. You really have been wonderful! Thank you for taking the time to show that people are essentially good and do care, and that the person at work who took the gold from me, is an exception rather than the rule!!! Bless you all!

The Fire also got a lot of comments too.... addition to that info was that seemingly there were flammable liquids inside the building ( whether intentional or accidental no-one seems to know) and also that despite being a government building- the building itself had no insurance! It also is a worrying state of affairs that fire officers had to be called in from outside of Cairo , from as far afeild as Alexandria, to help put it out! and that was a public building, on a wide main street........ heaven helps the inhabitants of Shubra, or Hussain ( poor areas with narrow lanes at times rather than streets!) should an incident ever happen there...........

Oh- and heres a tip for dealing with less than appreciatives audiences.......... here's what I have discovered from over and year and a half dancing on a boat on the Nile.... no matter how strict a muslim from saudi for example, or how jealous a woman from wherever.... Everyone responds well if you focus on the woman and children, rather than the men. OK, so its not rocket science... but when I turn around and see in the eyes of women dressed head to toe in black ( where its only the eyes that can be seen!) It's amazing... I look straight at them, I joke with their kids, I practically ignore their man, and suddenly the atmosphere is relaxed and fun........ for anyone finding they have a tough audience- I recommend it!!!

It can help resolve problems before they start too- one dancer this week on the boat ( not me) watched amazed, as a wife ( in Niqab- the full black outfit) turned round from her meal to discover her husband smiling and clapping and watching the dancer- so filled with rage, she slapped him full in the face right there at the table!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sarah said...

Amazing story - it certainly goes against the stereotype for the woman to be that assertive! By the way, just out of curiosity, how do they eat a meal wearing a niqab??

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

To eat in a Niqab they lift up the veil just enough to slip the spoon or fork under with the other hand......... its amzing to watch- very delicate and concentrated.

Anonymous said...

and ridiculous.