Thursday, June 05, 2008

Inspiration....and workshop info!

I had a hellish day yesterday. I am working on some new music for my show... and for some reason I just couldn't dance. I spent all day in and out my dance studio trying things out and feeling nothing was working and I couldn't dance and I should just give up and head home..... I even watched some DVD's to try and give me some inspiration... from the likes of Jillina and Dandash and Aida Nour... but nothing was working- seeing how great others were was just adding pressure and making me feel even worse about myself...........

So I went to work last night with a heavy heart. (Lightened slightly by the fact that I had 2 new costumes with me - a wonderful oriental style one from Hoda Zaki and a fun saaidi Trouser costume by Amera). I really expected to have one of those nights where you just want to give up and go home.

I had a FABULOUS night!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really dont know what happened- but everything seemed to be working in my favour- i felt great in the new costumes, the band were 100% with me and sounding strong, the audience were lovely.... I danced the best ever................. felt invincible!!!! wow- when it happens, the adrenaline you get beats anything in this world! That feeling of being on stage in front of everyone with all of them watching so intently they are hardly breathing- the control you have the pure joy at putting smiles on peoples faces.......... THAT is why i put up with the shitty bits of living in Cairo. THAT. wow. Even my musicians were waiting at the end to say well done to me with big smiles on their faces- that RARELY happens!!!

How it happened when i had felt so down about my dance- who knows.....I am just so glad it did!!!

If you need inspired in dance... then come see me!!!!- i can't promise to dance as I did last night ( although I'll be forever trying!)- but you will get my full energy and attention!!!!!

I am performing on the Golden Pharoah tonight (Thurs 5th), and tomorrow (Fri 6th) and then on the Nile Pharoah Sat 7th and Sun 8th, then back on the Golden on Thurs 12th. Hope to see you there.

If doing is more your thing rather than watching................. I am organising a workshop for Sat 14th June.

Starting with basic beginners level and working up from there...something for everyone!

I aim to make these workshops will be informative, fairly energetic and fun.

Open to all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities. Ladies only.

Spaces are limited so early booking is recommended.

Date: Saturday 14th June '08
Time: 12-3pm
Cost: 150le if booked in advance. 200le on the door.
Venue: Studio in the Sky, top floor, building 5, road 215, Maadi.

to book contact Anna Louise on or 010 150 0902.

please bring a scarf to tie round your hips. We dance barefoot. oh- and remember to bring your sense of humour with you!!!!! see you there!

So- a dance entry this time in my blog! 1st in a while- but I suspect more to come!!!


Sarah said...

Hi Lorna,

I have been reading your blog with great interest for a while now. I was one of your students at Edinburgh uni about 7 years ago!

I like the way you write so honestly about the emotional ups and downs involved in being out there doing what you love, bravely living the dream. I can totally relate to the ups and downs (although I work in an entirely different field, and suffer much worse self-doubt than you!)

I guess if you were playing it "safe" in life you would miss out on tremendous highs like what you have described in this post. That's an encouragement to me. ;-)

You're doing a great job keep it up! x

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

Sarah- its lovley to hear from you, and know that you've been enjoying the blog. Its amazing how many people read it- in fact I wish I actually knew how many- but maybe that would scare me away from writing what I do!

Playing it Safe- I wish. Well- to be honest I do , even here to some extents.... I could push myslef forward slightly more than I do and I think the reason I don't is because I am scared of failure... I just need to build my experience and confidence a bit more before I push for what i REALLY want!

Geting there though......... Its been over 2 years now that I have been out here- and I am def. making progress, with my dancing at least, but also with confidence and language and the various unexpected skills required to live here in Cairo.

The lows can be horrific- but the highs......Ah, the highs! No- no way would I trade in those extremes for a balanced steady life style. NO WAY !

I hope you get just enough lows in your life to make you appreciate all the highs fully!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorna,

I have been living in Cairo for 2 years, and about 3 months ago I started to read your blog. I love it!!!!
I wish u all the luck in this world!!!:)

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

Hi Marinna,
Lovely to hear from you- and happy you are enjoying the blog...

Appreciate you wishing me luck too- at times I feel I really need it- and at others i feel I already have all the luck in the world. Well- you know what its like living here!

tell me- what do you do in this crazy city????

Anonymous said...

I my dear,

Well I am dancing and learning a lot!!!

This month I hope I have time to go to Nile Group Festival :).


Georgina said...

I'm a Spanish bellydance lover and I read your blog too:) it's so nice for me to know about the life of a foreign bellydancer in Cairo, I think it's really interesting what you explain!
I admire what you are doing so much, honestly, and I wish you the best, I think you must be a very happy person bc you are doing what you love to do.