Saturday, June 07, 2008


I am very happy. I am sitting on my lovely siwa cushions and rug, on my balcony, in the shade, reading my book and realsing that I can hear nothing around me except birdsong!!!

I feel very lucky to have this life at the moment!

I was working last night and danced to a song I have never danced to before... a friend who came to watch said that was her favourite dance out of my whole show! It was really funny really- I had asked for a song from the band, they repeated it- i said yes yes.... they said are you sure? i said yes of course.... turns out I had pronounced the name wrongly and they had never played that one for me before which is why they were so questioning! I realised my error in the 1st few bars- but it was too late to do anything other than continue- it was a lot of fun- i really love trying to guess where the music is going to go next- i dont always get i right, but it keeps me alert and on my toes and often inspires new moves too!!! Improvisation is definatly a forte of mine!

Tonight I will go to the costume shop before work, for a fitting ( for a new tartan costume!!!)... and all day I can lie around reading a very good book , 'The Beacon of Alexandria' by Gillian Bradshaw. I recommend it to anyone interested in Roman or Greek history, or in the history of medicine. I am enjoying it as its a very well written interesting story!

I should be doing some stretches- and I should be doing some arabic revision ( trying to do a little of that each day since the school cancelled the course I was to do due to lack of students at my level- grr!) BUT I am reading my book and feeling very happy with my lot in life. It's important to enjoy these moments...

Really- the birds are so loud its sometime distracting from the book! I am writing about this because I know a lot of you who have been to Cairo before, cannot imagine the sound of anything except traffic! Anyway.............. back to my book and the birds!

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