Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nile Group festival 2008- opening night

Last night was the opening night at the Pyramisa hotel of the dance festival here in Cairo run by a group of dnacers and teachers who go by the collective name Nile group. Oh- and I'll apologise now- no photos- unless I can steal some from the girls who were there with cameras !!!

I missed the 1st dancer's performance (Dalia) since I was still at work. I had to perform for a birthday party for a new born baby- very bizarre experience- dancing in front of a pram with the baby google eyes at all the sparkles form the sequins- and from the noise of the music too probably!!!) Full video camera in the face too! There is a special name for the party they have for a new born- sebo3 ( the 3 is written for a letter we don't have in english- 'ain' and the word itself derives from the word for 7- since the party is held 7 days after the baby is born....)

anyway- The 1st dancer I saw at the opening ceremony last night was Liza. She worn this most fabulous costume made by Hallah.... all from assuit material- but a bedla, with some turquoise threaded into it. really really nice! She does a step touch move around the stage which is very impressive and I especially liked her baladi number. My students who are here for the festival and saw her for the 1st time were really captured by her energy and enthusiasm.

Leila danced next. Stunning. Simply stunning. Her, her costumes and her dancing. WOW. She really impressed me- it's nice to see that having a little time out, and having a baby can only help to improve your skill on stage! I saw more influence from dancers like Dina and Rhanda in her style than I have seen before- which worked well. very well done.

Hayem danced too- she is the other dancer currently working on the same boat at me, the Nile Pharoah. Her 1st costume was very pretty elegant yellow swishy number... and she has a lovely cute smile the whole time she dances... although, forgive me Hayem for writing it- but the lime green jumpsuit at the end, which showed everything, was a little too much for my taste.

Asmahan... sorry that should read AS - MA - HAN !!!!!! A 2 HOUR SHOW. !!!!!!!!!!! Yes really- 2 hours!!! complete showmanship. Her entrance was seated on a pharoanic chair, with trumpeters announcing her arrival, dressed with the full pharoah head dress and costumes.... very sexy, very powerful, very impressive. Her next entrance was in full 1950's style puffy ball gown.. dancing a waltz on stage- to have that stripped off her to reveal a VERY shiny silver with gold buckles bedla (which she looked like she strugged to keep on!!!) some slow slinky moves to die for. Oh- must mention the muscley male dancers too!!!!!!!! Then the saaidi /shaabi number- with a purple 70's style swirl patter galabaya- very clingy very funky. She created such a hyper atmosphere with lots of people up on the stage dancing... very fun. The sheer number of stage support she had was something else too- a good 12 support dancers/actors musicians who helped create the atmosphere of a big stage production. Then the Zar- which was a little bizarre- her dancing boys dressed and devils and attacking her- then the incense man and the zar rhythms to release the evil spirits and again the white plain covering dress was stipped form her to reveal a sugar pink, short tutu style bedla!!! not long into the last dance she pulled on the skirt and low and behold it became full length! AMAZING drum solo- as always- earthquake shimmys that really did threaten to bring the house down! well worth staying awake til 3am to watch!!!!!

A VERY good night. Hope I'll be inspired when I perform tonight on the Nile pharoah!

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C said...

Hi, Lorna! I am an American that was with Kay's group when we saw you dancing on the boat at the beginning of April! I was at the Opening Gala for the Nile Group Festival too! I have some photos but my camera's memory cards all were out of space by the time Asmahan danced so I only have a very few from her entrance! Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, she was fabulous and her costumes were too!! And thanks for the name of the Egyptian dancer . . . I didn't hear it quite right so now I have it. See you in Cairo next time!