Friday, April 18, 2008

It couldn't last!!!!!!

of course.... my body objected to being worked every single night- so on wed night, at the end of my show, I went over my ankle on stage. It went a very impressive blue balloon shape but thankfully, ibuprofen, ice,arnica cream, support and REST have done it wonders and it looks fairly normal now.... apologies to anyone who went along to the Golden Pharoah last night or tonight to see me dance- I was licking my wounds (ok- not literally- yuck!) Fingers crossed- all back to normal by tomorrow. The look of disgust on the chemist's face when I didnt' know what size my ankle was when I went in to buy a support bandage was very amusing- tell me honestly- does ANYONE reading this KNOW what width their ankle measures??????????

However I have decided to take a complete rest from dance when home this trip to Scotland- so not even having the one night i had planned at Morocco anymore- so you'll have to either wait til Sept to see me in action- or come to Cairo! Sorry for anyone who had booked because of me........

I did manage to hobble along to the Nile Maxim last night to watch Rhanda perform. It was my friend Hannah's birthday and we had a lovely evening, birthday song and cake by Rhanda and her band! Rhanda has so much energy- considering that was her 3rd show of the night- very impressive!!!!!!!

Also limping to the cafe next door afterwards, instead of the usual sexual remarks from guys passing by i heard the 'alf selema' ( a thousand get wells....) a very nice change! Once the ankle heals, I might have to fake a limp in future anytime I have to walk anywhere!!!

Have also decided that this time of year in Cairo is sent as a curse to the Sinuses! There is so much dirt in the air that you can't help getting an infection of some sort. My supply of menthal chrystals from uk have now run out- more shopping to do next week!

ok- thats my moans over for today..................

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