Sunday, June 03, 2007

Rota for June on the Nile Pharon (Nile/ Golden Pharaoh, Cairo, Egypt!!!)

Well- I asked for the new rota for the next 2 weeks… and was told there wasn't one- I am working every night …………………. Mostly on the Golden pharaoh (but I guess they might put me on the Nile Pharaoh is the whim takes them).

So- anyone reading this hoping to come to see me dance in Cairo on the boat; Assume I am dancing, but Double check when you book!!!!! The Pharaohs website to get more info is in my links.

Talking links- Morocco Restaurant in Edinburgh, Scotland now has a blog (see links) so you can see who is dancing which night (rota updated regularly), special offers, classes info and menu details (once updated )etc etc…… feel free to have a look and leave comments!

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