Thursday, January 18, 2007


Rhanda was dancing on the Nile Maxim when we went to see her last week. It was very busy… and the layout now there is that the dance floor is in the middle of the boat rather than at one end as it used to be. Rhanda is my personal favourite among the dancers here in Egypt and she is one of the very few where I would prefer to sit and watch than dance myself- so thats saying something!

The first time I ever saw Rhanda dance- about 7 years ago… was on the Maxim and I loved her then. Now however- after seeing her dance in many other venues I realise that that just isn't the right space for her. She needs a proper stage and lighting…. To be dancing right next to tables just isn't the right setting to show off her talents. (In my opinion!)
My group loved her- and as always was amazed by her costumes and in particular how she manages to stay in them!!!! I have waxed lyrical about Rhanda dance before…. And all of that remains true now. She is still stunning. She still has amazing balance and power and stage presence. I would just like to see her in a venue that didn't seem too small for her. Not that the Maxim is a bad venue- quite the opposite… in fact I would love to dance there myself! However…. Rhanda is better on stage than too close- maybe she is just too powerful to be right next to!!!
Photo Credit: Michele Dillon

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